Rick Ross Gets Cazal Tattooed On His FACE

Yes, you read that right. Mr. Ricky Rozay himself has a tattoo of Cazal on his face. The tattoo is located below his eye exactly where the Cazal Sunglasses (when he’s wearing them) would reach. There’s a lot to get into on this topic, so let me break this down.

What are Cazal Sunglasses?

Legit question, of course if you’re a fashion junkie you’ve probably at least heard of them before, but if you’re a regular person I don’t think any body would laugh at you for not knowing. They’re not exactly on the same level (as a design house) as Louis Vuitton or Prada and their sunglasses aren’t exactly as common as Ray Ban or Oakley. With that being said Cazal Sunglasses are made in Germany, created by Austrian designer Cari Zalloni. Okay, by now you should get why they’re called Cazal… Cari Zalloni.. Ca..Zal..CaZal..Cazal!!

They were first made famous back in the 70s and 80s and even back then they were pretty obscure. They gained a lot of notoriety among unruly types such as mafia bosses and gangster rappers. The earliest examples of celebs wearing them from what I could find included Al Pacino in Donnie Brasco, Robert Dinero in Casino and RUN DMC. From there, Jay-Z was the first modern celeb to rock them and that must have rubbed off on Ricky Ross as he began wearing them as his signature sunglasses. Now a days a lot of A list celebs wear them including Beyonce, Rihanna and even Brad Pitt.

Okay, so why TF did he get it tattooed on his face??

In a day and age of sell outs, the ultimate act of selling out would be getting paid to turn your friggin face into a billboard. If there was a rapper who would be capable of such a thing, I’d definitely cast a vote for Ricky Rozay. However, I truly don’t believe that to be the case here. The main reason is that I think Rick Ross sees this iconic brand as something that represents his image. The Casino movie shaped a lot of rappers image, with the whole mafioso look and that’s one of the main reasons they started wearing these sunglasses. The fact that the originals are expensive, rare and represent the image they want to portray, makes me think that Mr. Ross actually lost his mind and did this for no other reason than he identifies with the brand so much he wanted it permanently on his face.

Okay, so let’s see it!

rick-ross-cazal-face-tattoo rick-ross-facial-tattoos









There you have it, in all it’s glory the man has no less than seven (7!) facial tattoes, four of which are brands (Miami Heat, Maybach, Rolex and Cazal) The other DC tattoo may be a brand as well, or it could be some gang tattoo, or better yet it could be the division Ross worked for while in Law Enforcement LMAO!